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   Poola Jada

 Poola Jada is a long hair plait decorated with flowers and It is one of the important traditional floral hair adornments in South India.South Indian women and young girls decorate their long hair /plait with flowers in many occasions of their life like Birthdays,Engagement,Wedding and Baby Shower. Flowers are woven and stitched on a cardboard and the design is attached /stitched to the plait.Flowers are woven in a variety of designs which yields many intricate floral hairstyles. 

The current trend flowing in the tradition is to give the classy and stylish look to the floral haistyles.Indian floral hair styles are becoming very improved and creative these days with the use of hair accessories,beads,artificial flowers and rhinestone appliques.

At Pushpanjali, We provide customized designer poola jada or flower hair arrangements tailoring each floral design to our customer's specific needs and tastes.Floral hairstyles are a part of the makeup and are an extension of your personality.Our exquisite floral design will make your event memorable, personal, and captivating.Let our passion for flowers and floral design help make your day unforgettable.

We opened Pushpanjali with the hope of making the world a more beautiful place.There is no greater satisfaction for us than making someone smile wearing a Pushpanjali Poola Jada — a fulfilling experience that We are blessed with on a daily basis by being a part of your special occasions.We encourage you to explore our website,check our floral designs and contact us for your next special event.


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